Welcome to GAC Racing League.

 Welcome To GAC Racing League

Good American & Canadian Racing.

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 Sean Vandergriff Gets Win at Okayama With 2nd Kevin Cooke 3hrd Gary Shenk 4th Dean Viney 5th John Eates


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GAC iRacing Car Series

1.N.W. Series

2.Gen6. Series

3.Late Mod Series

4.Silver Crown Series

5.Truck Series

6.Indy Car Series

7.Daytona Prototype



GAC Racing League National Series Top 5 in Points ChampionShip. Series Champion DeWayne LaPrad 2nd Michael Campbell 3rd Len McNeese 4th Vince Viney 5th John Estes.

And thanks to all GAC Drivers for a job well done.

 GAC Racing.

We Welcome all racers to come and have some fun running.The high

bank tracks of iRacing and short tracks of iRacing.All we ask is that

you be a good clean driver and we take that seriously here.So come

and have some fun and meet new people and old friends.We'll be looking

for you and good luck to all.


Len McNeese Takes Win at Michigan With 2nd Michael Campbell 3rd Roland Arroyo 4th Dean Viney 5th Kevin Cooke

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