Welcome to GAC Racing League.

GAC Racing League National Series Points Champion Len McNeese With 2nd Dave Gainforth 3rd DeWayne LaPrad 4th Mark McFadden 5th Dean Viney.Job well done by all GAC Drivers

GAC Racing Form

 GAC Racing Len McNeese Wins at Vegas With 2nd.Rolando Arroyo 3rd.Gary Shenk 4th.Tom Clayton 5th.David Gainforth

Fred Cooke takes a ride and high flying at USA 

 GAC Racing League 125 Invitional at Talladega Monday Night Live With Maxspeedtv.com utube

 GAC Racing Truck Series Points Champion Dave Gainforth With 2nd DeWayne LaPrad 3rd Len McNeese 4th Dean Viney 5th John Stanley. Great job by all GAC Drivers

 GAC Racing.

We Welcome all racers to come and have some fun running.The high

bank tracks of iRacing and short tracks of iRacing.All we ask is that

you be a good clean driver and we take that seriously here.So come

and have some fun and meet new people and old friends.We'll be looking

for you and good luck to all.


 Gary Shenk Takes Win at Talladega With 2nd. Tommy Lee 3rd. John Estes 4th. Mark McFadden 5th. John Standley

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